March 9th 2009

Money, Money, Money, It’s A Rich Man’s World

“Money that comes easily disappears quickly, but money that is gathered little by little will grow.”
Prov 13:11 (NCV)

The book of Proverbs is filled with short, to-the-point truths about our money.
It tells us how to use it, give it, save it and enjoy it.
There may be no advice more appropriate for our time than that found in this verse.

We all know this proverb in its shortened form “Easy come, easy go.”
We know it but very few of us really believe it!
Because we don’t believe it, and Las Vegas is thriving.

Why do we do this? We think – we know – that money is the answer to our problems.

Never mind the high percentage of miserable rich people we know (I didn’t say miserably rich, I said miserable and rich!)
Forget about the support groups for depressed lottery winners that we’ve read about.

There is within all of us a deeply seated feeling that “If I just had more money things would be OK.”
That feeling is what drives us to get as much as we can as quickly as we can.

“Here are the facts,” this verse says.
If you get it quickly you’re going to lose it just as quickly.
Quickly gotten gain will pull a Houdini on you – it somehow magically disappears.

There is incredible wisdom here for getting out of our financial mess.
Never depend on a quick fix – always go for the patient plan.
Stop telling yourself “when my ship comes in” and get in the rowboat you have and start paddling!

Save yourself the heartache of waiting for years for a financial windfall that will blow away just as quickly even if it does come.

Start to gather little by little and watch God bring new financial security and stability to your life.

If you haven’t started already, start today.
As my grandmother always said, “take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves!”

If you’ve seen God bring security into your life “little by little,” thank Him today.

Abba, Father, in a ‘rich man’s world’ you, who owns everything, are the richest of all. May we turn to you for the true riches of your Word, so that we are not focused on money, money, money, but on what lasts forever. Thank you that we have the security of your promises and help us to, little by little, become more like you.

Study by Fraser Murdoch

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