April 2nd 2009


“Pray continually.”
I Thessalonians 5:17

We are the most connected generation that has ever been.
We can talk to our friends and family on mobile phones; we can text; we can email; we can instant-message.
Our social networks are supported by Facebook, or MySpace or BeBo; we can Twitter and blog.
More than any generation before we can share our thoughts and dreams with people worldwide.

We get to be so busy communicating and networking and keeping in touch that it becomes a large part of daily life.
We need to check the blogs and answer the texts and keep on top of the email.
What a pain it is if we can’t get a mobile phone signal, or the email server is down!

It’s easy to forget that we have a more important communication channel.
We have the privilege of being able to call on God any time day or night.
His server is never down.
His signals are always strong for us to reach him.

We are exhorted to pray without ceasing.
That means we should be as ready to talk with God as we are to chat with our friends, or keep up with our social networks.
Just as we are ready to respond to a text message or an email we should be ready to talk with God wherever we are.
A constant preparedness to communicate shouldn’t be restricted to electronics.

When our lives are bathed in prayer, in a constant awareness of God’s presence in our lives, we will have our communication priorities right.

Father in Heaven; help us to be ready to speak with you at all times and to share our thoughts and needs as they arise.
You are always ready to hear us and to listen to our joys as well as our sorrows.
Let us learn that communication with you is our first concern, and will bring us into that precious relationship with you through Jesus Christ. Thank you.
In Jesus’ Name.

Study by Jim Robertson 

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