April 30th 2009

It’s All About Timing

“If a man loudly blesses his neighbour early in the morning it will be taken as a curse.”
Proverbs 27:14 (NIV)

This proverb has one of the most humorous word pictures behind it in the entire book.

I can just see a bleary-eyed Hebrew in Solomon’s day dragging himself up on his camel well before sun-up. Before he can even kick start his dromedary he spots his neighbour.

“GOOD MORNING AND BLESSINGS ON YOUR DAY,” comes the shouted greeting.

What would your reply be?

This verse is all about timing.
If good timing is important for hitting a golf-ball or getting the ball to a striker 30 yards ahead for a goal, it’s even more vital in conversation.

There is a right timing for giving both criticism and praise.
Often we want to blurt out something as soon as we hear it, or to hold on to a negative comment as long as we can.

Those few experiences that we’ve each had with saying the right thing at the right moment are enough to convince us of how important timing really is.

So, next time you have some great news to share or a tough conversation to have, pray that God would not only give you the right words to say but the right time to say them also.

(And NEVER call me at 4 am to give me good news!)

Father, I recognise the power that words have. They build up life, and they break down life.
Help me to speak graciously today, and give me wisdom to know the timing of my words.
In Jesus Name,

Study by Fraser Murdoch

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