June 17th 2009

Life Is Not Give And Take

“It is more blessed to give than to receive”
Acts 20:35

How often we hear people speak of life as give and take, especially in the context of marriage. It’s as if it is a command from God. Yet God has something completely different to say regarding, not just marriage, but life in total.

What happens when we live our lives on a give and take basis? It isn’t long before we begin calculating how much we have given and how much we have taken. We feel we have a right to certain things. And if we don’t get those rights we begin to question the fairness of the arrangement. What’s more, our idea of fairness may not agree with our partner’s idea. The result is upset and hurt, often resulting in arguing.

There is a better way; a very different approach to relationships.

When the apostle Paul was instructing the elders at Ephesus he gave them some invaluable advice, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35) Relationships, especially marriages, are not about give and take, but rather give and receive. This does away with the concept of equality or fairness. Our part is to give and if something comes in return then we will receive it gracefully and not as by right.

God wants us to live a life of service without looking for a reward; a life of giving to others whether or not we receive in return. Then we will be pleasing to our Father in heaven who will richly reward us in his good time and way.

Father in heaven, help me understand more fully the way you would have me live in service to my fellow man, willing to give without seeking reward, thereby bringing glory to you.

Study by David StirkĀ 

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