December 23rd 2009

Go Thou And Do Likewise

“And he said, he that shewed mercy on him. Then said Jesus, Go and do thou likewise.”

Luke 10:37 (KJV) 

It had snowed and the roads were affected by snowdrifts. My route took me through a country lane, hedge-lined, single track with passing places. It was late afternoon and many were already battling their way home. I was indeed swimming against the tide, needing those passing places to make progress. But that is where the snow lay deepest. 

An on-coming motorist had gone into the snow to allow some car ahead of me to pass, but now was stuck. Following motorists shrugged their shoulders and drove past going on their hurried ways, not risking getting stuck themselves. 

The driver signalled to me his need for help. I had to wonder, it was uphill for me and that is the direction he would have to be pulled to get out of the snowdrift. I did have a rope so the attempt was on. By now other cars had arrived and would have to wait. 

The tow worked and his car was back on to the main tarmac. He offered to pay me for the help, I smiled and said “Go thou and do likewise.” 


Lord God, thank you that in our journeys through this life, those brief moments when we can help our neighbour are not lost. We ask that the seed of kindness bears fruit for the betterment of our people, and also that this scripture is always on our lips. In Jesus name.


Study by Eric Wood 

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