January 19th 2010

Walking In The Light

“It is for you now to demonstrate the goodness of Him who has called you out of darkness into His amazing light!”

1 Peter 2:9 Phillips Translation 

Do you think the moon knows that it reflects the suns light?  Does it have to do anything to capture the light and throw it towards earth?  No! It only has to be in the sunlight. 

Most of the time the moon is just being the moon – a pretty dark depressing place, actually dead without any colour or light.  Yet from Earth this desolate rock is seen as a beautiful glowing orb lighting up the night sky, and has become a symbol of romantic love.  We take walks in its golden light and write poems about it. 

Paul says that our spiritual growth, our becoming like Christ, comes from living a life close to Him – actually in Him because he tells us to “abide in Him.”   

When we see the moon it is because it is out of the earth’s shadow and in the light of the sun.  As we come out of our hidden places and walk in His light, we begin to reflect Him.  We reflect His character, His nature, and His shining qualities.  This of course doesn’t happen through human effort; it happens as we focus our lives on Him and His purpose for us.  The more we do this the more like Him we become.


Gentle, tender Father, Help us to reflect the amazing light of your Son, His compassion, graciousness and love, as we live each day in Him.


Study by Cliff Neill