February 22nd 2010

Choose To Focus On All That Is Good

“Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak.”

 Mark 14:38 (KJV)

Temptation is linked directly to what we think upon (Hebrews 11:15). Temptation has to be entered into. We can avoid temptation by avoiding thoughts that generate temptation (Proverbs 23:7). Since it is impossible not to think, we cannot just try to reject the negative thoughts in this world but we must choose to think on the positive truths of God. This is where prayer comes in.

In prayer, we have our minds stayed upon God, and therefore are not receptive to thoughts that conceive temptation. Temptation or sin must be conceived (James 1:14-15). In the physical realm the easiest way to avoid an unwanted birth is to avoid conception—so it is in the spiritual world.  It is easier to avoid being tempted by being in constant communion with God than it is to overcome temptation once it has been conceived.

Paul admonishes the believers in Philippi to reflect and meditate upon eight positive principles of thinking that will lead to a victorious Christian life.

These are things that are “true”, that is, honourable, truthful and upright.

Things that are “honest”, that is, honourable, truthful, genuine, not characterised by deception or fraud.

Things that are “just”, that is, in accordance with what is right, or right conduct; any circumstance, fact or deed that is right.

Things that are “pure”, or free from defilement or impurity. 

Things that are “lovely”, pleasing, agreeable, inspiring love or affection.

A “good report”, that is, a saying or report that is positive and constructive rather than negative and destructive.

Virtue”, which is moral excellence, righteousness and goodness.

Praise”, or what is praiseworthy; expressing one’s esteem of a person and his virtues.

We need to focus on the good in every area of our lives. Recognising God’s hand in even the smallest things will bring peace, and keep our hearts and minds following hard after the Lord. 


Father God, please help us to keep our minds on things that are pure, honourable and good.


Study by Allan Frankcom

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