March 25th 2010

Hammered Home…..

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you”

John 14:26 (KJV)

I’m sure what just happened was a “God thing”. Most of you will know what I mean. I was just looking through the pile of papers on my desk for a missing birthday card picturing a beautiful eagle in flight with the scripture inside about “rising up on eagles’ wings…” to send to a pilot friend. I unexpectedly came across a familiar-looking envelope and just now tipped the contents on to the palm of my hand—two iron nails, one 2” long and the other nearer 4”, both with flattened heads for hammering, obviously handmade and rust-free. What’s special about them, you may ask?

Well, they are both 1,900 plus years old and standard Roman army of occupation issue. They were part of a seven-ton archaeological find of such nails (up to 16” in length) at the site of a Roman fort in Scotland. They’d been buried to avoid having them fall into the enemy’s hands when the soldiers withdrew. But of course, these nails in my hand also have a very special meaning—after all, the Roman army had done another important job only a few years before this hoard was buried. Nails exactly like these must have been used at the Crucifixion!

That sobering thought then brought another in its train—in my office I also have a near 2,000 year old tile, formerly part of the floor of an official Roman building. It came from a major dig at a muddy Roman site alongside the appropriately-called River Ouse in York, or Eboracum as it was called in those days!

Why did the Almighty also bring this to my mind at this time? Was it intended to remind me of those vivid scenes in a recent film of my Saviour’s precious blood spattered and running on that tiled floor in Jerusalem as he was so cruelly scourged? It certainly succeeded—it gave me the necessary focus!

Perfect timing by the Holy Spirit, too, with Easter so close. The lesson was truly “hammered home” for me. “Think on these things…..”!


Almighty God, help us at this time of the year to bring to remembrance the former things that our Saviour, Jesus, suffered and died for on our behalf. As we look forward with tremendous anticipation to the reminders of His resurrection and eternal life, don’t let us forget what made it all possible—that awesome penalty He paid for us. Please accept our eternal gratitude, Father. In Jesus name.


Study by Stuart Powell 

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  • david farncis says:

    nice,short piece Stuart, got my attention and appealed to me as a hands on sort of person. I can imagine how the very real feel of those heavy rough nails would evoke strong reflections on the time of year you mention. Thanks, I miss your warm smile and encouraging manner but it seems to come through in this article. keep it up, it’s quite effective it seems to me.
    How fixed and determined is our Saviours love and zeal for us all!
    Sure does make you thankfull.
    David F

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