15th November 2014

Purpose And Hope 

“I know that you always hear me, but I have said this for the sake of the crowd standing here, so that they may believe that you sent me.”
John 11:42 (ISV) 

I’d been going through a time of problem after problem after problem, some of which were severely painful, and all of which were debilitating. As you may imagine, I was feeling sorry for myself and was wondering what the point was, when I seemed to be only existing, doing nothing all day, and lying around seemingly useless. 

Then God inspired some thoughts in the darkness. 

Firstly, what about those worse off than me, such as those with Motor Neuron Disease or mental health problems, or simply their age causing them to become more and more frail? 

Secondly, what about people such as a man blind since birth (John 9:1); or paralysed since birth (Acts 3:2); or the more mature woman bent double (Luke 13:11)? And what about a little girl (Mark 5:35); a young man (Luke 7:12); and Lazarus (John 11:17); who were all dead? 

Thirdly, the ones above mentioned in the Bible were healed or raised from the dead by Jesus, but for a purpose, which is for people to believe in Jesus as God’s Son and for God’s glory. 

Fourthly, some people mentioned in the Bible were not saved from suffering until death claimed them, such as the persecuted (Hebrews 11), but they were promised that whatever we go through in this life is going to seem as nothing compared with what we’ll be experiencing in the future. (Romans 8:18). It’s described in Revelation 21. 

So my conclusion? I’ve many reasons for not feeling sorry for myself as I am so very blessed. Reasons such as there are others in need of my prayers, there is hope in this life, both for now and for the future; as well as it’s not about me but about bringing glory to God. 

I know, it’s so much easier said than done, but something to think about none-the-less. 

Thank you, Father, for talking to us in our darkest moments, for reminding us of the need to consider others and for the hope You have given us in the Bible, both for now and for the future. May we bring You glory.

Study by Ruth Edwards


ruthedwards2About the Author:
Ruth Edwards is actively involved in her Worldwide Church of God Bristol congregation, including editing Links, a church magazine for the congregations of the South West and South Wales area.

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