1st May 2015

Standing on the Promises

“For Jesus Christ, the Son of God, does not waver between “Yes” and “No.”…he always does what he says.”
2 Corinthians 1:19 (NLT)

This week we have had impassioned speeches from politicians, endless analyses of trends and polls, and, of course, promises. I don’t know how you feel, but I have grown weary of the promises of most politicians. After politicians have been chosen, many of the promises are pushed aside for one reason or another.

As a Christian I pray for governments everywhere that an opening may be made for the message of Jesus Christ. Jesus also brought promises. His promises were not about better housing or medical care, or about a fair and just society. His concern for us goes deeper. He says in 2 Peter 1:4 (CEV), “God made great and marvellous promises, so that his nature would become part of us. Then we could escape our evil desires and the corrupt influences of this world.” Jesus does not promise to change the circumstances around us or to improve the world and the environment. Jesus knows that spiritual problems don’t have physical solutions. The problems we face are spiritual: they are to do with how we are inside. Jesus promises to change the very core of our being.

His are not some empty promises made by someone who wants our votes. He does not need our votes anyway. In fact he gives us his vote. We are, as it were, elected by him, chosen to receive his life-changing promises.

Let’s stand on the promises of Jesus.

Thank you, Father in Heaven, that we can depend on your great and marvellous promises.  Please guide our politicians to make promises that they can keep and let the message and promises of Jesus be given a place in the nation’s governments.

Study by James Henderson


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