29th May 2015

Passing on the Blessings

Grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God”
2 Corinthians 4:15 (NIVUK)

Recently a lady invited my family and me around for a meal. It was quite a daunting task because our family group consisted of 9 adults and 4 children!! She and her husband plus her sister were exemplary hosts and put on a sumptuous fare. I asked her why she decided to have us over. She said she wanted to because it was the time of my son’s wedding. She also, however, said something else. She said that she felt God had blessed her recently in a special way, and that she wanted to pass on the blessing.

When Paul wrote to the Corinthians he reminded them of how blessed they were, and how blessings are for sharing. It’s part of thankfulness for grace received.

Not many of us are able to have large or even small groups for dinner, but there are other things we can do. Send a card, give an encouraging word or smile, or help in an unexpected way.

Paul went on to explain to the Corinthian church that their “generosity will result in thanksgiving to God” (9:11).

Father in heaven, thank you for the all the blessings we receive, and help us in our gratitude to share them with others. In Jesus’ name.

Study by James Henderson


Bible on the altarAbout the Author:
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