27th August 2015


“Many sorrows shall be to the wicked; but he who trusts in the Lord, mercy shall surround him.”
Psalm 32:10 (NKJV UK) 

No doubt certain scientists would laugh themselves silly should this ever come their way, and probably a good many Christians as well. But I choose to believe that God answers our prayers. For me it’s one of the major proofs of God’s existence. And more than that, I believe he is gracious towards us even in the little, seemingly unimportant things at times.

I have a simple example, and you are free to chortle, even to smile knowingly—it makes not a jot of difference to me and what I choose to believe.

About a month ago our little congregation decided on a picnic. Our public celebration for our 40th anniversary went brilliantly, but this was to be a thank-you to each other as well as to our Father. Think of it as a “be nice to us” time. So, knowing the vagaries of our English weather, we’d all been urged to ask for—well, this was my prayer, “appropriate weather”.

The Friday was wet all day, it simply poured. Then Saturday dawned, still with lowering clouds. Our service proceeded normally. When I glanced out of the windows, each time I discovered it was raining again. Then, following services, it was time for the picnic. Now the sun shone. Sure there were still scudding clouds, but they passed us by, only making a dramatic sky-scape as background.

When I thought about it, silently offering thanks yet again, the rain had washed out every last trace of pollen, so that those of us who suffer the every-day sneezing and nose-running of hay fever had blessed relief. Our picnic was a great success. And then later that evening and all the next day it was pouring with rain again.

Coincidence? Yes, if that’s what you want to see. I choose not to. I worship a God who is in control of the cosmos. He has great things to do every second of eternity to keep this universe rolling onward. But then he’s the God of great condescension and detail, and he cares enough about his people that he can even suspend the rain and turn on the sun for us, just for an hour or two. And he knew that the weather was an important ingredient to make our day magnificent.

So I choose to believe that our God paused for a split second to ensure that we had that appropriate weather we had humbly asked him for. See, I would never have thought of lots of rain to wash out all the pollen and spores so that we could have sneeze-free time. But God did. And then, as if to emphasise that he had engineered it all for us, he returned us to rain later. Coincidence? Of course. But then our God is a God of coincidence.

Thank you, heavenly Father, for the little things you do for us. Unfortunately, so often we overlook your attention to detail, your care and concern for us. But when we concentrate just a little, there it is in all its simple magnificence for us to understand your love for us just a little more. Our prayer is offered in Jesus’ name.

Study by John Stettaford


johnstettafordAbout the Author:
John Stettaford is an Elder in the Reading Congregation of the Worldwide Church of God UK.

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