24th September 2015

He Knows My Name 

“Record my lament; list my tears on your scroll [margin: put my tears in your bottle] —are they not in your record.”
Psalm 56:8 (NIV UK)

The population of the world is about seven billion. According to an article on wikipedia.org, about one fifth of all the human beings who have existed in the last 6,000 years are alive today. That’s a lot of people. But how many of them can you name?

How many names of all those billions are remembered today? Only the names of the famous and the infamous can be recalled, and then only some of those.

How sad, personally, to think no one will remember our names or the names of the ones we love. But there’s One who can remember every name of every person ever born. God knows and remembers every name of each human being, and not only their names, but everything about them.

It seems to be a basic need—we want to hear our own names and we want others to remember them. Anyone who works with the public will tell you to learn and say a person’s name when speaking to him or her. It adds a personal touch to a sales pitch. Hearing our name from a doctor helps us feel cared for. We don’t want to think others don’t care enough to remember who we are. Of course, as we get older, it does become harder to remember names! I often have to ask, even if I know the person.

This world seems impersonal at times. It can be a sad and lonely place. Some days we all feel as if we’re just a number, obscure and unimportant. We wonder if anyone really cares. But every time a tear falls from my eyes, God sees it. He understands and even cries with me. If no one else in the world cares, he does. Knowing God knows my name and will never forget who I am is a comforting thought.

Is life getting you down? Feeling a little sad, lonely, unappreciated? God knows and he cares. He knows your name and knows your pain. He has your tears in a bottle and his heart is for you. He has even written your name in his book of life (Luke 10:20).

Next time you feel like a number, that no one cares or remembers who you are, think of the One who saves your tears, has numbered the very hairs on your head (Luke 12:7) and takes care of your every need (Matthew 6:30). He knows your name and hears you when you call.

Gracious Father, we give you thanks for your personal love, interest and concern for each one of us. Thank you that you know us, personally, and have interest in each one of us. In Jesus’ name we pray.

Study by Tammy Tkach


tammytkachAbout the Author:
Tammy Tkach is the wife of Grace Communion International (the Denominational name of The Worldwide Church of God UK) President, Joseph Tkach, and resides in California, USA.  Tammy is GCI Women’s Ministry Support Co-Ordinator and editor of Connections, an ezine for women in ministry.

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