13th November 2015

Take Time to Read the Bible 

“What does Scripture say?”
Romans 4:3 (NIVUK)

Words change meaning from time to time. For example, if someone a few years ago said the English word “kindle”, we may have thought it had to do with gathering sticks and twigs to kindle a fire, or metaphorically, to be in the first spark of love in a romantic relationship. Chances are that now our initial thought is that a kindle is a hand-held computer device in which we store electronic books.

I have recently uploaded (or, is it downloaded?) the English Standard Version of the Bible onto my Kindle, and it is now there as well as being on my Kindle app on my iPhone! When you open it up, it explains that it will take 316 hours and 13 minutes to read this book, and that over 47,000 popular passages have been highlighted.

Let’s remember that for Christians the Bible is a life-long read. Paul reminded Timothy that Timothy had been taught the scriptures from childhood and encouraged him to continue to be instructed by them. He also explained to Timothy the priority of Bible reading and teaching within church services. “Until I come,” he wrote, “devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching” (1 Timothy 4:13).

In the passage above from the book of Romans, Paul expects his readers to be familiar with Scripture. It’s an assumed background. After all, “the Holy Scriptures…are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 3:15).

No matter how you access the Bible, be it by reading it in book form or electronically, by listening to it using earphones or having it read to you, let’s re-kindle our interest in what the Spirit has to say through its pages.

Great Father, thank you for your enduring word as revealed to us through the Spirit by your son, Jesus Christ. In his name.

Study by James Henderson


Bible openAbout the Author:
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