5th December 2015

The Ups And Downs of Having Cancer

“Now I rejoice in the Lord greatly, because once again you have shown your concern for me. Of course, you were concerned for me but you did not have an opportunity to show it.”
Philippians 4:10 (ISV)

Having had cancer has taught me all sorts of things. One is that trials are not all bad. I’ll give you examples of what I mean because my journey through has had a good side as well as bad.

That which is good is that it brought me to my knees, praying more fervently, strengthening my faith and relationship with God. It also brought out the good side in others, giving them opportunity to learn more about loving and bearing with another’s misfortune. An opportunity they may have lacked before.

Prior to having cancer I rarely received cards and more rarely, a present. (No, I am neither looking for sympathy nor cards and presents. I simply have a point to make). It was as if God had saved up cards and presents over the years and then drenched me with all these showers of blessings, outpourings of love from across the country, indeed from across the world, knowing there was this time that I would need them. Family, friends and neighbours all pulled out the stops, bringing me to tears as God showed me His love for me through them, now that they had opportunity to show their love for me too.

Thank you, Father for the reminders that, in spite of our failings, You still love us deeply. You are wonderful. Thank You.

Study by Ruth Edwards


ruthedwards2About the Author:
Ruth Edwards died this week after a living with cancer for some time.  Her life has truly been an inspiration to others who witnessed her faith and her courage with which she calmly encouraged others, as she faced her disease bravely.  Her husband, Andy, was always at her side and in one of his last emails said there were still so many things she wanted to do.  Where was God during her trial?  She believed He was at her side sustaining her like her husband, Andy.  She will be sadly missed by her Church, The Worldwide Church of God Bristol, and by her many friends around the world, as well as by those of us who receive and benefit from Day by Day.

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