27th December 2015

No Room For Jesus 

“And [Mary] brought forth her firstborn Son, and wrapped Him in swaddling cloths, and laid Him in a manager, because there was no room for them in the inn.”
Luke 2:7 (NKJ) 

As I was standing in a queue at Disneyland, looking around at all the people having fun, the thought struck me—There doesn’t seem to be any room here for Jesus! He didn’t seem to be anywhere I looked—in the snaking lines, on the noisy rides, in the bustling restaurants. Lots of people and a few non-people such as Mickey Mouse and Sleeping Beauty, but no Jesus.

In the days before the birth of Jesus because of a census, Joseph and Mary travelled to Jerusalem on hot, dusty roads. Those roads must have been filled with others, joyous and happy, going in the same direction. At Disneyland there’s always a seat for us on the rides, but when Joseph tried to find a place to stay in Nazareth, he was told every space was taken. There was no room for them (Luke 2:7).

No room! No room for the Saviour of the world. No room for the one who was to redeem every human being from his or her sins. So he was born in a stable, a place for animals. The one who would be called a king was squeezed in between the donkeys and the sheep. They squeezed him out of the inn, and then, later, they crucified him, squeezing him clear out of this physical world. The whole world has been squeezing him out ever since. He’s been squeezed out of churches, and replaced by ritual and legalism. He’s been pushed out of schools and replaced by evolution and humanism. He’s been shoved out of Christmas and replaced by Santa and consumerism.

Sometimes we Christians do that to Jesus, too. Our lives are full of so much busyness we squeeze him out of our lives. Then we try to squeeze him back in—between the shopping and the internet, or the bills and the dishes. Sometimes there just isn’t any room for him at all.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening? There’s no formula. It’s not easy. It won’t happen in one day or just because you pray about it once or twice. Spiritual transformation takes a lifetime, through practising the disciplines of prayer, study, meditation and fasting. By interacting with God on a daily basis, we can, as Dallas Willard* says, “bring our personality and total being into effective co-operation with the divine order.

Making room for Jesus in our lives is a matter of our hearts. What is closest to your heart? Or as Matthew says, where is your treasure (Matthew 6:21)? If Jesus is your treasure, he will have your heart and you won’t have to make room for him. There won’t be room for anything else.

Holy Father, when we consider how you allowed your Son, our Saviour, to become one of us, very God and very man, we stand in awe that he was willing to go through anything and everything that man threw at him in order to make it possible for us to saved. Since he had such a big heart for us, help us to have a major place in our hearts for him.

Study by Tammy Tkach

*Former professor of philosophy and writer on Christian spiritual formation at USC.


tammytkachAbout the Author:
Tammy Tkach is the wife of Grace Communion President, Joseph Tkach, and resides in California, USA.  Tammy is GCI Women’s Ministry Support Co-Ordinator and editor of Connections, an ezine for women in ministry.

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