17th April 2016

The Good Samaritan 

“If you really fulfil the royal law according to the Scripture, ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself,’ you do well.”
James 2:8 (NKJV) 

Have you ever heard the story of the Good Samaritan? It’s one of the best-known parables that Christ ever told. But you might not remember the situation that prompted him to tell it. While he was teaching, a lawyer asked Jesus how to inherit eternal life. Some translations read “he put him to the test.”

But Christ didn’t back down. He answered the lawyer with a question: “What does the law say?” To which the lawyer replied, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind,’ and ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’” (Luke 10:27)

But the lawyer continued, asking Jesus who his neighbour was. His approach to “love” was to try and fit it into some kind of matrix, as if he was adding facts and figures together. He wanted to know how far he had to go—where could he stop? But Jesus saw things differently. He told the story of the Good Samaritan, about a wounded Hebrew traveller rescued by his cultural enemy.

The story is a perfect illustration for how wildly creative God’s love for us really is. While the lawyer wanted to know where the line was for him to stop loving, Christ answered with a story that affirmed the concept that our Triune God’s mercy knows no boundaries. In Christ Jesus, we are called to a life of transformation. And through him we become vessels pouring out his love and grace to this world. We are the Samaritans, the ones who are willing to show divine mercy to people, even if they don’t look like they’re part of our ‘tribe’.

I have to admit, my favourite part of the exchange is the ending. After telling the story, Christ sums up his point by telling the lawyer (and all gathered) to “Go and do likewise.” I think that’s all the encouragement we need to go out and become Samaritans, bringing God’s reconciling grace to the world around us. 

Loving Father, we cannot hope to comprehend the depth of your love for us nor to express it adequately to you. Instead you ask us to exemplify it in showing love to our neighbour. Thus you make us vessels of your peace and love for others. In Jesus’ name, we pray.

Study by Joseph Tkach


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