12th July 2016

Bride of Christ

His Bride has made herself ready.”
Revelation 19:7 (ESV UK)

Not so long ago we celebrated a very special day in our family. It was the first anniversary of our daughter’s wedding. The manner of their engagement was very traditional. Her husband-to-be wanted to go out for a drink with me. I could guess what was coming. After a bit of small talk he eventually said he wanted to marry my daughter. I gave him my blessing and the preparations for the wedding had to be made.

It was a lovely wedding. The bride wore a beautiful dress. The couple chose a lovely old house for the service and laid on a sumptuous banquet. Now it’s one year on and we’re going to have a celebration of this anniversary.

During the wedding ceremony they had to make some very simple vows, mainly of faithfulness to each other. God is in the process of having a marriage. And His bride is His church, the body of Christ. Like all marriages this one is based on vows. He promises to love and care for her, and she promises to trust and obey him. Let’s see what our couple’s wedding can tell us about God’s wedding at the end of this age:

They spent five months getting themselves ready for their future together as husband and wife. And in just the same way, the Church will have made herself ready but for an eternity with her Husband.

And I’ve already mentioned the bride’s beautiful dress. What about the Church? She will be clothed with fine linen, bright and pure. The psalmist wrote, “In many-coloured robes she is led to the King.” (Psalm 45:14a)

Then, our married couple laid on a sumptuous banquet, fit for a king and a queen, which they were on that occasion. And Jesus, when He returns, will have a marriage supper to overshadow all marriage suppers.

And afterwards? They vowed to live, ‘until death do them part’. But at the end of this present age the Church will be resurrected to eternity on an unimaginable scale.

A betrothal, a wedding supper and then living together. With Christ the Church is still at the betrothal stage. Still to come are the wedding supper and then living together. And living together with our Husband for eternity is assured. 

We bless you for the institution of marriage. Give us the spiritual strength to remain faithful in our marriages here on earth as we look forward to our participating in the
wedding supper of the Lamb. We pray in the name of our Great Saviour, the Lamb of God, Jesus.

Study by Christopher Reeve


Chris ReeveAbout the Author:
Chris Reeve is a retired Elder. He is assistant pastor of the Invicta (Blean) Congregation, which is part of Grace Communion International/Worldwide Church of God UK.

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