2nd August 2016

The Servant Queen
And The King She Serves

“Remember those who rule over you, who have spoken the word of God to you, whose faith follow, considering the outcome of their conduct.”
Hebrews 13:7 (NKJV)

It’s interesting that the Bible gives us examples of both good and bad Kings and Queens whose lives have lessons for us today. But they are part of history and the people alive with them may never have realised the example they set, whether good or bad. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had an example of such a person in our lives today, someone who is known worldwide and sets an example of Christian love and faithfulness? Well we have, but perhaps see her only in her role as Queen and not her example of quiet Christian faith.

To celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday, three London-based Christian charities combined to publish a book called The Servant Queen – and the King She Serves. Its 64 pages focus on the Queen’s Christian faith and gives examples of how she has stated her faith in God, most especially in her Christmas broadcasts, but also in other public speeches. It also gives other examples of the way the Queen demonstrates her faith out of the public eye.

The Queen sets a very good example of Christianity by what she does as well as what she says. For example, the Queen attends Sunday services as often as she can, but never suggests other people should do so, too. During her month long Scottish holiday in Balmoral the Queen invites a different minister to stay each weekend. At the age of 21, when as Princess Elizabeth she dedicated her life to the service of her people, she asked God to help her make good her vow.

In almost every Christmas broadcast the Queen has made, she has referred to her faith, belief in God and the valuable example set by Jesus Christ, which holds true today. In her 2014 broadcast the Queen said, “For me, the life of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, whose birthday we celebrate today is an inspiration and an anchor in my life. A role model of reconciliation and forgiveness, He stretched out his hands in love, acceptance and healing. Christ’s example has taught me to respect and value people of all faiths and none.” Those are valuable words for all Christians. If our lives, as individual Christians, reflected those words, we would be happier as people and better at reflecting the light of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to all the people we meet.

I think the Queen has set us an example of humble, dedicated service during her 64-year reign and God has helped her to fulfil the vow she made in her 21st birthday broadcast. To buy the book, The Servant Queen – and the King She Serves, at a cost of £1.00 plus postage, telephone 01903 263354 or visit https://www.cpo.org.uk/range.aspx?range=4971&prod=V4971BT 

Loving, gracious Father, thank you for our Queen and her example of holding high office sustained by her deep, humble Christian faith and attitude of service to you and to us, her people. Please continue to bless the royal family with the wisdom and attitude of service that the Queen has demonstrated in her 64 years on the throne.

Study by Keith Hartrick


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