3rd September 2016

Kings Cross Station

“…and in one body to reconcile both of them to God through the cross, by which he put to death their hostility.”
Ephesians 2:16 (NIV)

Kings Cross Station in London has undergone a massive refurbishment making the commencement of journeying to the North East of England and Scotland and other regions more comfortable. The station is named after a statue of King George IV which has long been demolished. Built in the mid-19th century, the previous occupant had been a hospital for fever and smallpox. In the mid-20th century the entire neighbourhood became a dangerous slum, notorious for its red light district. Now the station buzzes with all of humanity, people travelling or greeting, and is a major crossroads or meeting place. The new concourse provides restaurants, bars and shops under a large atrium giving light to the area.

I am reminded of another King and another cross with which there are very interesting parallels. The cross of Jesus Christ is the catalyst for mankind. Without the cross and all that it signifies, our journey ends in death—the ultimate destination—the terminus. Without Jesus we are in a place of sin and notoriety, a place of darkness and misery and our lives similar to the sordid environment of the previous Kings Cross Station.

Just as the light floods into the new Kings Cross station, so Jesus is the Light of the World, giving us forgiveness and reconciliation to God the Father through His sacrifice. His blood is out ticket to eternity. A single ticket, paid for by the Saviour—we cannot pay our own way, other than to repent of who we were before we met Jesus at the foot of the cross and believe what Jesus has done for us. With Jesus our journey is exciting, not ending at death, but beginning there with a whole new eternal life. No matter how tough the journey is, our destination is glorious and triumphant.

The meeting place for Christians is the metaphoric foot of the cross. Jesus the King is there waiting for us. Take your burdens to him and leave them there. Thanks to Jesus we have no luggage (the burden of sin), for he has taken it and dealt with it.

Enjoy the journey!

Thank you, Father, for your infinite love and mercy in giving us a way out of darkness and sin through Jesus. Keep my feet at the foot of the cross that I may live to give you praise.

Study by Irene Wilson


About the Author: 2015-01-24 Irene Wilson & Joy Barlow prepare brunch
Irene Wilson is a Deaconess in the Watford Congregation of the Worldwide Church of God UK, where she also serves on the Pastoral Council.

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