10th August 2018

Making Wars to Cease 

“He makes wars cease throughout the earth. He shatters bows and cuts spears to pieces; He burns up the chariots.
Psalm 46:9 (HCSB)

This week in Europe there was a commemoration of the Battle of Amiens, which began on the 8th August, 1918. This is regarded as the day the tide began to turn in favour of the multinational Allied forces. What happened afterwards is sometimes known as the Hundred Days, in reference to the duration of the fighting that took place in various battles before the war was declared at an end in November.

Psalm 46 is a contemplation of the sons of Korah, who wrote a number of the psalms. Its setting is generally thought to be at the time of King Hezekiah, when Sennacherib and his great Assyrian army were defeated. It begins by stating that “God is our refuge and strength, a helper who is always found in times of trouble” (verse 1). The thought was that any victory came from God.

In the early part of 1918 it seemed a probability that Germany would win the war. In fact in Germany the people were thanking the Christian God for his perceived help against the Allies. At the same time in British churches prayers were made, ostensibly to the same God, for deliverance and for the war to come to an end. What became clear is that this First World War, the War to end all Wars, a phrase coined by HG Wells and later used famously by US President, Woodrow Wilson, did not end all war. Human beings might negotiate a peace or a ceasefire of sorts, but usually war continues sooner or later.

Perhaps we need to learn the lesson of Psalm 46 and realize that it is God who alone makes wars to cease. That’s why he’s sending his son, Jesus, the Prince of Peace, back to us, and he will turn the tide of history, not in favour of one nation or of one group of nations, but in all humanity’s favour.

Let’s pray for the return of Jesus, that he may come quickly, and then all wars will cease.

Thank you, Father, that you make wars to cease, and please send Jesus back to us soon so that his peace may reign eternally. In Jesus
’ name.

Study by James Henderson


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