2nd February 2021


So they quickly left the tomb, terrified but also ecstatic, and ran to tell Jesus’ disciples. (Matthew 28:8 ISV)

 It was as if a sudden wind of fortune broke upon the lake, driving waves of countless fishes to our barren boats, lying listless and unready, in a workless bay. And we – too wary to venture a catch, for fear our nets would break and all be lost.

 So it was, when the news was carried to us, like a fragrant balm on the sweet enraptured breath of voices fair.  Our hearts were stirred, though weighted by despair, we dared not trust lest faith prove false and hope be quenched, so deepening distress.

 If truly raised, the Lord would to the sons of Jonas and of Zebedee appear, who did his trust and confidence enjoy.1  Yet women from the first supplied his needs2 and at his cross remained3 while others fled.4 Their acts of love fore’er to be remembered and retold.5

 With yearning hearts we ran the grave-ward path, the beloved disciple6 fast on my hastening heels, till when this ‘son of thunder’7  speeding past,8 halted at the tomb and looked inside. I raced on in and saw the wondrous sight. The grave clothes, tightly bound, lay in their place, deflated now and emptied of all flesh.9  This grave no longer held the dead and sleeping.  His body gone, just as the women had said. 

Heavenly Father, our Great God and Saviour, thank you for sending your Son Jesus, to save us from sin and from death and to bring us life eternal, through the power of his resurrection. Amen

1Mark 14:33; Matthew 26:37
2Mark 15:41; Luke 8:1-5
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Study by Richard Dempsey


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Richard Dempsey is an Elder serving Grace Communion church Cambridgeshire.

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