15th March 2021

The Creator God

“Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand.”
Job 38:4 (NIV)

I’m sure that most people welcome effective vaccines developed to combat Covid-19. I certainly do. Over 2.5 million deaths worldwide, long term health problems, economic prospects for the near future with a large question mark hanging over them. Certainly successful vaccines, whilst not a complete solution, are very welcome, and bring some hope of a return to normality. 

Yet as these vaccines are developed and distributed, what is a common response? ‘Science to the rescue once again!’ ‘Science has saved us.’ ‘Science always gets us off the hook.’ I’m all for science. Science has given us the ability to stay in touch during this crisis. It’s expanded our horizons in many directions. Astronomy and cosmology have taken us beyond our part of the universe. Geology has taught us much about the history of the earth. Medical science has saved millions of lives. Physics, chemistry and other sciences have their dark sides, but have also given us many benefits. However, will science save us? Is science God, or just another false god which will be found wanting when the chips are really down? 

Let’s look again at Job 38:4  – who created the universe? Who created the laws that govern the material creation that surrounds us? We might ask, ‘Who is the Great Scientist who made every atom, who devised every law, who gave gifted individuals the ingenuity, the inventiveness, even the curiosity that drives humanity to scientific progress?’ 

Certainly, as successful vaccines become available, let’s give credit to the researchers and scientists who have, and still are, working so hard to produce them. Let’s not look  though to the god of science –  let’s look to the God who created science, the Author of all things good, the One who laid the cornerstone of the earth and fixed the limits of the sea (Job 38:6,10-11). This mighty God is the true Saviour, with a plan for humanity so transcendent and glorious it entirely eclipses this present distress.

Father, your creation is astonishing! Thank you for those minds that can fathom out a little of its complexities and turn them to good use. We know you’re a compassionate God. Thank you for vaccines that will hopefully help stem the deadly tide of this virus. Amen

Study by Doug Bass



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