5th April 2021

The Impossible

“…for God all things are possible.” 
Matthew 19:26 (NRSV)

A few days ago I was watching a film titled The Impossible. It was based on a true story about a family of five that was on holiday in Thailand when the tsunami struck in 2004 causing much devastation. Many lost their lives and loved ones were separated. The members of this family were separated from each other, but then gradually and through the efforts of the eldest son, were found and brought together. The chances of that happening are so remote hence the film’s name – ‘The Impossible’.

There was so much in this film that made me think of my Christian calling. The first thought was of the devastation wreaked by the tsunami. To me, it parallels the spiritual devastation in our world brought about by the evil one who will stop at nothing to destroy God’s creation. 

Then there was the way the survivors cared for each other. Those with cars and trucks piled as many people in as they could and took them to the local hospital which soon became overwhelmed. After all, its facilities were inadequate and the staff could barely cope, yet they carried out their medical and social duties without complaining. The qualities of love and caring shone through. All examples of God’s grace.

And finally the family – two parents and three sons. The key figure was the eldest son. He thought he alone survived, but gradually he came across the other family members and, through much effort and searching, he brought them back together and to safety. The parallel with our Saviour was probably unintended but it was uncanny. He is the Good Shepherd: “He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out … the sheep follow him because they know his voice.” (John 10:3,4)

What a touching example of our calling. We should all show the compassion of the survivors and hospital staff, but even more, the loving care of the eldest son. Nothing is impossible if Jesus is there with us. 

Dear Lord God, I thank You that with You nothing is impossible, and for your Son who cares for me even to the point of laying down His life for me. May He keep me safely in Your fold. I ask this in His name. Amen

Study by Christopher Reeve 


About the writer:
Christopher Reeve is a Minister and Assistant Pastor of the Invicta Fellowship,
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