13th April 2021

Holy and blameless

Blessed are those whose way is blameless…
Psalm 119:1 (ESV)

From our adversarial political system, through our society, down to our individual families, we are good at blaming others for the decisions they have made. Whether it is in the aftermath of a crisis or just in ordinary day-to-day events, it makes no difference: we’re quick to point a finger and blast off that this or that, should or should not have been done. It can be motivated by righteous indignation or the unrighteous variety that seeks to make the accuser feel superior. Blaming others is often our natural default position, taking after our forebears, Adam and Eve. When confronted by God for disobeying him, Adam blamed God and the woman he had been given. Eve could only muster one other to blame and pointed a finger at the serpent. 

On a personal level as well, we must admit that indeed, sometimes we are to blame when things go wrong. It can be hard accepting responsibility for the mess we make, the people we upset, and the wrong decisions we make. We may find it difficult to put our hands up to ourselves, let alone put our hands up to others and sometimes even harder to put our hands up to God and acknowledge that we have only ourselves to blame and there is no point in looking round for either someone else or a passing serpent to take the responsibility for our actions. 

But rather than following unthinkingly in the footsteps of Adam, we can turn and look to the Second Adam, Jesus Christ. He had no wrongdoing to own up about, but he did take on all of ours. He forgives us, and in giving us his righteousness makes us blameless. As Paul affirms in Colossians 1:22 he has now reconciled us in his body of flesh, by his death, in order to present us holy and blameless and above reproach before him.

Now, as forgiven ones, we are under no pressure not to take responsibility for the mistakes we make. However it doesn’t mean that we can go out and do whatever we want. We know we need to be considering our steps. So let us end with our prayer for today, with words taken from the same psalm as our header scripture (Psalm 119:31 NKJV):

Dear Lord, I cling to Your testimonies; O Lord, do not put me to shame! Amen

Study by Hilary Buck

About the writer:
Hilary Buck is a Minister and pastors Grace Communion in Lewes.
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