24th August 2021

The beginning of wisdom

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…
Proverbs 9:10 (NIV)

Taxi fares here in Cali, Colombia, are incredibly cheap and taxis are plentiful.
I often wonder how the drivers make enough money to live on, particularly now when foreign tourists are so few because of Covid restrictions, and with recent civil unrest in the country.
One evening around 7pm, when it was already dark, I hailed a passing taxi to take my wife and me and our food shopping back to the flat where our children live. My wife told him the way, mentioning the Cali Zoo as a reference point en route to home. I fully expected the driver to take the second road on the right but he went straight on, eventually turning left. I told my wife he was not going in the right direction and we feared that he was, indeed, taking us for a ride! He could even be taking us to an out-of-the way cash machine to empty our bank accounts, as happened to a brother-in-law a while back.
Well, we persuaded him to stop and refer to the Google map on his telephone. He admitted that he hadn’t been near the zoo for a long time and apologised for his error. Not only that, he reset the clock, so we would not be overcharged. He explained that as he feared God, he couldn’t possibly cheat us, his passengers. Well, my wife and I were stunned by what he said and thanked God for this driver and his honest action.
How often have we ignored our fear of God and acted selfishly or incorrectly? We learned a valuable lesson from that taxi driver that evening, which we won’t forget in a hurry! The parable about money usage in Luke 19 also came to mind, where a certain nobleman gave his servants money to use wisely during his absence. Two of the servants did well and the nobleman praised and rewarded them because ‘they had been faithful in little things’.

May God reward our taxi driver accordingly, in this life and the next.

Most generous Heavenly Father, help us to learn from others in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. Wisdom is to be found in unexpected places – help us to show it and be shown it. May we all have a healthy respect for our Great God. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Study by John Lamb


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