26th August 2021


I was having a conversation with my grandson about one of basketball’s superstars when he commented, “He’s the goat.”

What? I thought – he hasn’t been the player who lost the game for the team!
You see, in the lingo of my day, ‘the goat’ was the player who ‘blew a game’. Playing like ‘a goat’ was definitely not a good thing! But my grandson brought me up to speed with the new terminology that ‘the goat’ is the GOAT: G-O-A-T—The ‘Greatest Of All Time’. It’s an acronym in our vocabulary of surging ‘acronym speak’.

In the sporting world there can be enjoyable arguments of who is the GOAT. So, what about the world of humanity?

Among every human who has ever lived or is alive – man, woman, billionaire, CEO, dedicated humanitarian, powerful politician, caregiver, social worker, lawyer, marquee celebrity, technological wizard, arbitrage strategist, doctor, nurse, generous philanthropist, Nobel Prize winner, theologian, philosopher, evangelist, real estate developer, recovering addict, military hero, famous inventor, award winning entertainer, farmer, teacher, hall of fame athlete, union steel worker, The Best Dad Ever, The Greatest Mom Ever…there is Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ.

Hands down, Jesus is the GOAT because he is simultaneously the living Son of God and Son of Man whose humility and love is unmatched!

Get to know him. Get to love him. Get to walk with him. Get to serve with him. Get to ‘wanna be like’ him. Not only is Jesus the GOAT – the Greatest Of All Time; he is also your SAFE – Savior And Friend Eternally.

Study by Lloyd Briggie

First published 30/6/21 on GCI Update Devotionals https://update.gci.org


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Lloyd Briggie is a Minister in Grace Communion International, USA

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