28th September 2021

James and John

Going on from there, he saw two other brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John. They were in a boat with their father Zebedee, preparing their nets. Jesus called them…
Matthew 4:21 NIV

It was not the voice of the calling sea that turned us from our work, that day, on the net-mending lake; nor was it the whisper of a tantalising wind, luring us out to seek illusive shoals of harvest. But a call, which broke from human lips,1 yet, carried with it all the force of deity,2 struck upon the air and turned our heads, as the Spirit turned our hearts.3

We forsook the hustling harbour and the sea, our lightened craft left tilting on the tide. Father, busy with his mending crew, preparing nets and gear,4 looked on in disbelief, as we, believing, went.5

Now in the shadow of the master’s footsteps, now at his side; now, in endearment, ‘Boanerges’ named:6 tempestuous spirits becalmed in the sea of his countenance, in the joy and power of his evangel, in the marvel of words and works to which even devils yield.7

Now apostles, duly wrought;8 moulded and shaped with others thusly called; forged together by the power of the Spirit in the presence of the Christ (the light of whose glory, we once, with Cephas, beheld,)9 to the glory of the Father.10

Now made partakers in the Saviour’s mission: as foundations of faith,11 as leading heralds, sent to gather the lost in the safe, secure dragnet12 of his grace.13

Loving Father, thank you for the very precious knowledge of your Son, Jesus, and for the gift of the Holy Spirit who reveals Jesus to us and makes us partakers with him in his ongoing ministry. Amen.

Study by Richard Dempsey

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About the writer:
Richard Dempsey is a Minister in the Cambridgeshirecongregation of Grace Communion International.

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