9th October 2021

For what it’s worth

…God said, ‘Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness’…
Genesis 1:26 (NIVUK)

For most of us there are times, when watching news reports of tragic events on television, that we can sadly become a little blasé about what we are seeing and hearing, because it really is not ‘new’ anymore, and major disasters can appear to be everyday occurrences. Something, however, caught my attention recently that tugged at my own heart strings and surprisingly this was not something huge and profound but instead a very simple act.

Tragic pictures were being shown of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti. There was rubble everywhere, buildings had collapsed, and loved ones killed. The people who lived there could easily have been forgiven had they just felt like sitting on the ground in tears and giving up. But what was being reported and shown on the TV brought a warm smile to my face and a feeling of hope for the future. A woman was pictured bending down, carrying out the task of scrubbing her clothes in a bowl; behind her a long line of lovely clean washing was already drying in the sun. In spite of what had happened these people possessed dignity. It was still important to live their lives in such a manner, regardless of what had happened to them.

Every human being has worth whatever our position or circumstance in life because we are created in God’s image and likeness

A well known saying states that ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’ but we would also do well to remember that whatever life presents us with, each and every one of us can still demonstrate that very precious worth given to us by God.

Loving and all knowing caring God, please help us to remember that in your sight as human beings we have worth and are loved by you. For this we thank you so very much. Amen

Study by Sharman Bowen


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