7th December 2022

Go tell it on the mountain!

The stories of Christmas fascinate me. Don’t we discover a kinship with the shepherds as we rehearse the birth narrative? Aren’t we just ordinary people like them who have met Jesus? And like the shepherds and so many others who came in contact with Jesus, aren’t we changed forever and moved to the place that we want to tell others about Jesus the King and Savior?

Luke’s Gospel tells us that ‘when [the shepherds] had seen him [the Christ child], they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child…’ (Luke 2:17 NIV). This passage is the inspiration behind the spiritual and Christmas carol, “Go Tell it on the Mountain.” 

Jeff Vanderstelt1 reminds us that there is one true story and it’s the story of God found in the Bible. It is this story of Jesus that redeems, heals and completes all of our smaller personal stories. It is the story that must be told and retold.

Perhaps many of us will sing “Go Tell it on the Mountain” this season. As we do, let’s not just sing the words—let’s commit to the practice the song proclaims—let’s go tell the stories of Jesus so that others can be inspired, motivated and encouraged by the good news that Jesus is and that Jesus brought.

I pray that, through your words and deeds this Advent-Christmas season and always, Jesus will be proclaimed into the lives of people all around you. Please join me in that prayer.

Study by Greg Williams

1 Jeff Vanderstelt, Gospel Fluency: Speaking the Truths of Jesus into the Everyday Stuff of Life.

Study taken from an article first published in the November 2017 Equipper 

November 2017 – GCI Equipper


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