17th March 2023

Can’t see the forest for the trees

“I don’t know whether he is good or bad,” the man replied, “but I know this: I was blind, and now I see!”
John 9:25 (TLB)

In John chapter nine we see an account of Jesus giving a blind man his sight. This sparks a series of angry accusations directed at Jesus from the religious rulers of the time. This was the Sabbath day, and they considered Jesus was not keeping it properly by doing this ‘work’, nor that he was doing this with the authorisation of God because they thought his actions unlawful (vv.16, 24). This supposedly blind person could not have been blind in the first place, or so they reasoned, otherwise he would not be able to see now.

However, what mattered most to this man was not being able to satisfy the curiosity of the religious leaders. What mattered to him was that he had his sight.

This reminds me of the erroneous debates we can sometimes get ourselves into. I know people who will argue passionately about which days of the week Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection took place, or how many hours he was in the grave. These can descend into rather pointless debates. However, for me, what is of central importance is that Jesus died for my sins and was resurrected to bring me to glory! And not just me, but all who will call on his name!

Just like the religious leaders of Jesus’ time, we can be so caught up in debating the details that we miss the big picture. We can start to think that we have understanding that others don’t, and we then begin to feel superior to others. John chapter nine ends with a warning from Jesus that those who feel they have obtained all the answers, and therefore look down on others, are actually spiritually blind. 

In humility, let’s acknowledge that we are sinners deserving of death, yet saved by Jesus, despite what we are like. I rejoice in the amazing grace of God, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but I have been found by Jesus. I was spiritually blind, but now, thanks to the grace and love of God, I see. Others can debate the details if they want to, but what matters to me is that I have a Saviour, and my salvation is secure because of him.

Father, thank you that we have been saved by Jesus regardless of anything we may have done in the past, and regardless of any mistakes we may make in the future. We will never know the answers to every question in this life, although we do strive to know more of you, yet the greatest truth of all is that Jesus died and was resurrected for us. In his name we pray. Amen.

Study by Anthony Dady


About the writer:
Anthony Dady is a minister in Grace Communion International and is the Regional Pastor for Wales, the Midlands, and Northern England.

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