13th May 2023

Not destined for obscurity

When a celebrity dies, we usually hear all about their lives in the media. People post tributes and many sing their praises. Depending on the person, the buzz could go on for some time. The pomp and ceremonies surrounding the death of Queen Elizabeth II went on for weeks. When an unknown passes away, the family and friends, if there are any, might be the only ones who care or notice. Sadly, the millions who have died in obscurity are, as the poets might say, lost to the mists of time. 

Since God created us, we know he is not only aware of everyone, but knows the names of each person ever born. And he is also aware of each and every death. We don’t know much about what happens at or after death, but we can rest assured our God of love knows what he’s doing and we can leave it all up to him. We do know, however, how he looks at the deaths of his saints or faithful ones – they are precious to him (Psalm 116:15). We don’t have to worry about disappearing in the mists of time because we will not be forgotten but welcomed into the gates of heaven (same verse, MSG).  

Losing loved ones is traumatic, and facing our own mortality can be disconcerting at best and frightening too. But when we abandon all outcomes to God and trust him to always want what’s best for us, we can rest in the knowledge that even though we might be gone from this earth, we will never be forgotten. He holds us in his heart and hands now and into eternity.

Study by Tammy Tkach

 First published on 25 April 2023, at www.gemsofgodsgrace.wordpress.com


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Tammy Tkach is the Assistant Pastor of the Eugene, Oregon, USA congregation. She is a speaker and writer, and publishes a blog at www.gemsofgodsgrace.wordpress.com  

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