New website coming soon

Thank you for your patience while we are getting the Day by Day studies back up and running. As we work on the new website we have been reflecting on what we hope to achieve with these studies and our desire is that the studies will enrich our readers’ understanding of the Bible and draw them into a deeper relationship to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Therefore we have decided to change the name of the project to ‘Word of Life.’ This new name reflects our Christ-centred approach and comes from 1 John 1:1-4 (NIVUK).

This project is an opportunity to focus on Jesus, the ‘Word of life’, as we proclaim what has been seen and heard about him, show how the whole Bible points to him and that Christian principles make a real difference in our lives. This new name also complements ‘Speaking of Life’ (the transcripts of which we already use in the Sunday studies) and provides a more unified focus across the denomination.

We now have a larger team and we are thankful to them for volunteering. We still, however, have space for one more proof-reader, if this is a skill you have then please do get in touch.  All the studies that have been sent in are currently being processed so please keep sending them in to In the meantime we have also been updating our writer’s brief for our regular contributors and if you have been thinking of writing a study and would like to get a copy please get in touch with us via the email above.

The new website should go live shortly and we will be in touch again to let you know when it is up and running.