5th September 2018

Dei Judicium[I]

 In prayer there is a connection between what God does and what you do. You can’t get forgiveness from God, for instance, without also forgiving others.”
Matthew 6:14-15 (MSG)

The poem, Dei Juidicium, appeared in the San Francisco Call, a Californian newspaper, on Sunday 15th November 1891. It’s author, Tom Gregory[ii],[iii] was a newspaper man and historian from Santa Rosa, best known for his circa 1200-page-history of Sonoma County, CA. 

Dei Juidicum translates as God’s Judgment. In portraying the message of mercy and forgiveness, this poem, based on John 8:3-11, portrays the gift of grace each one of us receives from God, for each one of us has sinned (Romans 3:23-24); whilst cautioning us to sin no more. We remember that all humanities’ sins have been forgiven. If only people would realize that and claim the forgiveness already available in Christ…

It is beautiful poetry that touches the heart and gives great encouragement for every person who looks to their Saviour in faith. I have used excerpts here, but you can go read the whole poem and be as inspired as I am in God’s grace and mercy.

The Master wrote upon the ground, The mocking rabble closed around… 

The woman stood within the place And veiled her frightened, sinful face… 

The Master rose from off the ground, He saw the rabble close around.
He saw the people steeped in guilt, The prophets’ blood at altar spilt;
He saw the temple—godly gem, The glory of Jerusalem;
That holy place, the Mercy Seat— Polluted by unprlestly feet;
The great Shekinah’s flame grow dim Between the wings of cherubim.
“Who hath not sin, and he alone,” The Master said, “may cast the stone!” 

The Master looked, the crowd had gone, Like Hermon’s dew before the dawn.
As dusky spirits wing away Before the breaking beam of day
Each one had vanished from his place, Nor showed his vile, accusing face.
“I Judge thee not, this Is the door, Go, enter in and sin no more.
Who hither comes, ‘though naught they bring, Shall find the purifying spring.
In garments clean forever be. I am the Way, walk ye in Me!”  

Lord, we have all sinned and daily fall short. As you have shown us mercy and forgiveness, help us to extend mercy to others, forgiving them too. Not forgetting, we need your help to sin no more.

Study by Irene Tibbenham


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