3rd August 2018

Our Sins Are Blown Away 

“I have swept away your wrongdoing, as wind sweeps a cloud from the sky: I have cleared you of your sins, as the sun clears the morning mist. I have rescued you; come back to Me
Isaiah 44:22 (VOICE)

In Isaiah 44 God explains that Israel will not be forgotten despite the people’s sinfulness and captivity. It a passage about God’s grace and a call on us to respond by turning to him.

To illustrate his point Isaiah uses clouds and mist. It is as if the guilt of our transgressions are like dark, heavy clouds that weigh down upon us, but the wind of God’s grace blows them away so that they vanish and are no more. Our sins and their negative effect on us are like a thick morning mist that is soon dispersed by the rising sun.

Receiving the grace of God’s forgiveness is not the end of the story. Let’s embrace the grace, is Isaiah’s message, by making God the focus of our life and following his ways and not our own.

We have the benefit of hindsight and can see how God’s grace came to us through his son, Jesus, who died and rose for us. Therefore let’s respond to the grace we’ve received by following Jesus, who “came to save us. It’s not that we earned it by doing good works or righteous deeds; He came because He is merciful. He brought us out of our old ways of living to a new beginning through the washing of regeneration; and He made us completely new through the Holy Spirit, who was poured out in abundance through Jesus the Anointed, our Saviour. All of this happened so that through His grace we would be accepted into God’s covenant family and appointed to be His heirs, full of the hope that comes from knowing you have eternal life” (Titus 3:5-7).

Thank you, Father, that in Jesus we have been forgiven. Help us please to turn to you in gratitude and to follow Jesus through the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name.

Study by James Henderson


About the Author:
James Henderson is the National Ministry Leader for Grace Communion International in the UK and Ireland.

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