March 2nd 2009

Every Move You Make

“Mark well that God doesn’t miss a move you make; he’s aware of every step you take.”
Proverbs 5:21 (MSG)

The 21st verse of Proverbs 5 has a chameleon quality to it.
The way you see the verse is coloured by the circumstances you find yourself in.

The verse is good news to me if I’m where I think God wants me to be, and giving my energy to doing what God wants me to do.

But for all of us there are times when the words “He’s aware of every step you take” might make us a bit nervous.

There are times when we think, “Lord, could you look somewhere else right now.”
This verse then has the feel of “He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!”

The truth is God is always there.
He knows everything we’ve done and everything we’re doing and everything we’re going to do.
On hearing this some feel massive guilt and spend the rest of their lives trying to escape God’s “watchful eye.”

Great news today!
You don’t have to live with that burden!!
God is a forgiving and loving God!!!

The fact that He sees everything I do shows me how important my life really is.
Did you know that when an ostrich lays it’s egg, it never takes it’s eye off of it until it hatches for fear that it will be lost, stolen or broken?
Is God much different?
He does not watch you to condemn you, He watches you to love and strengthen you, to care for you and protect you.

Live your life today with the knowledge that even if no one else notices, God does.
Even when no one else understands, God does.
Even when no one else cares, God certainly does.

Father, thank You so much that You are always with me.
That You are aware and You care.
Will You please be mindful of me today as I go about my day.
I choose to think on You today, just as You think on me.

Study by Fraser Murdoch

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