June 29th 2009

A Diligent Search For God

“I love everyone who loves me, and I will be found by all who honestly search.”
Proverbs 8:17 (CEV)

If you’ve ever lost something that has incredible value to you, then you’re onto the meaning of this verse.

The words “diligently seek me” have the idea of searching for something like you’ve never searched for anything before.

It’s as if your family was walking through the airport – and in the crush of the crowd, all of a sudden your child was missing.

Would you say, “Let’s go ahead and make our flight, she’ll catch up with us in Barcelona?”
Of course not!

You’d spend every ounce of energy trying to find your child.
Nothing would be more important.

God wants us to pursue His wisdom with that kind of diligence.
Proverbs 8 powerfully pictures the fact that wisdom is available, but it is not automatic.
It must be loved, it must be sought.

As I read these verses recently, I wrote down this prayer
Lord, forgive me for those times when I think I will automatically have wisdom.
Give me the heart to cry out for wisdom.
Give me the energy to search for your wisdom.
Give me the faith to see that true wisdom is found in You.

Study by Fraser Murdoch

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